Our Bernese Mountain Dogs

 About Us

Our Mini Bernese puppies are raised in the rolling hills of northeast Ohio where we also care for our beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs. 
I have always had dogs in my life. Even as a little girl growing up on our home dairy farm I loved to be outdoors with my dog by my side. On occasion we had puppies that never lacked for attention and our fun antics of dressing them up for play!
In recent years I became acquainted with the Mini Bernese Mountain Dog. I began learning more about how to raise Mini Bernese which is a Bernese Mountain Dog mom and a Cavalier King Charles dad. This gives a smaller size Bernese Mountain Dog with the same gentle and friendly character as a Bernese Mountain Dog.                                

                        Our Bernese Mountain Dogs

Our Bernese Mountain Dogs really enjoy being outside! They love it when it is cold and snowing.  But, although they love the cold they also welcome coming inside for warmth. They have their own cozy home inside to protect from outside elements.  My Bernese Mountain Dogs are very affectionate and love a big bear hug! 

                  Paisley weighs in at 95 lbs.                                                                                                                                                                                        AKC Registered Bernese Mountain Dog

                                                                                       Lexi weighs in at 85 lbs.                                        Alexi weighs in at 70 lbs.                                                                                                      AKC Registered  Bernese Mountain Dog             AKC Registered Bernese Mountain Dog

         Do Bernese Mountain Dogs do well in warmer climates?

The Bernese Mountain Dog, originating from Switzerland, are prepared to meet the challenges of winter and love the cold, snowy weather.  Although, Bernese Mountain Dogs thrive in the wintery cold weather they do well in warm climates as long you provide them with a cool area and plenty of water. Only exercise them during the cooler times of day such as early morning and late evening. Bernese Mountain Dogs are known to be very versatile and are able to adjust to different climates.

                   About Bernese Mountain Dog                                                                   

Bernese Mountain Dogs really love their family. They want to be where you are and with their easy-going, affectionate temperament, you will want to be where they are. They are meant to live with you.                                                        Bernese Mountain Dogs are very sweet and affectionate. They are gentle in nature and have patience and tolerance with children making them a great pet for families.      

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a majestic, large dog with a beautiful tri-colored coat.  Brushing weekly will help to remove loose hair and keep the dog looking his best.                                                                                                                                             Bernese Mountain Dogs enjoy outdoor activities and make great companions for walk.  They need a half hour of moderate exercise every day to stay happy and healthy.                                                                                                                  Obedience training is especially important. Bernese Mountain Dogs are very intelligent and eager to please making them easy to train. They respond well to positive reinforced training and don’t respond well to harsh training methods. Undesirable behaviors can result if left alone for long periods of time.                                                  Early socialization in Bernese Mountain Dogs is very important. They will be friendly toward other dogs and get along well with cats as long as they are properly socialized when young.                                       

                      Bernese Mountain Dogs History

Originating from Switzerland, Bernese Mountain Dogs were originally developed as an all around farm dog, driving cattle, guarding the farm and pulling carts. Small Swiss farmers used the Bernese Mountain Dog  to transport fresh milk, cheese and other produce.  Bernese Mountain Dogs continued to work on farms until the mid-1800s when there were other working dogs being imported.  At that time breeding of the Bernese Mountain Dog slowed and they almost became extinct.  In 1892 , a Swiss innkeeper re-developed the breed. This was the beginning of the Bernese Mountain Dog becoming show dogs and companions.

Bernese Mountain Dogs began to grow in popularity as a helper and companion dog through out the world.        Bernese Mountain Dogs were brought to the United States in 1926.                                                                                      Bernese Mountain Dogs became recognized in 1937 by the American Kennel Club.                                                         Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America was formed in 1968.

           Why wouldn’t I choose a Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are majestic and beautiful. They are affectionate and gentle. Why wouldn’t I want to choose a Bernese Mountain Dog? They are everything I desire in my next best companion.  

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a large breed dog.                                                                                                                                      Male Bernese are 90 – 120 lbs. and 25 – 27 in.  tall                                                                                                                                        Female Bernese are 70 – 100 lbs. and 23 – 26 in. tall                                                                                                                                                  Do I have the space required for a Bernese Mountain Dog?                                                                                                                      Have you considered a larger dog will require more food? 

            Why choose a Mini Bernese Mountain Dog?            

         A mini Bernese Mountain Dog has all the attributes of a Bernese Mountain Dog. 

       The mini Bernese Mountain Dog, much like the full-size Mountain Bernese dog, is known for having a very mellow, gentle               temperament. This makes it an ideal dog for families, including families with small children.

      Mini Bernese tend to have very similar coloration, with each dog typically having some combination of black, white and                  brown markings. Though similar coloring in mini Bernese puppies, each dog has its own specific unique coloring.     

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